Aquitaine Caviar

When I first started to visit SW France with my then fiancée to see his family in the summer, we would drive past trout farms scattered throughout the region. It wasn’t until moving here that I realized there is also sturgeon farming locally. In fact, one of the farms I remember from those early days has now evolved into a sturgeon farm, near Villandraut.

Sturgeon were once plentiful in the rivers nearby, however after decades of overfishing the fish was on the verge of extinction. The sturgeons are more prized for their eggs than their flesh these days . Until the early 20th century, the eggs would have been fed to the chickens as there was little interest in the production of caviar. That changed thanks to foreign interest and the production has only grown exponentially. ‘Caviar d’Aquitaine’ has official Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status and is prized all over Europe. There are multiple producers in the area, many offering guided tours with tastings, but if you are in central Bordeaux you can also visit one of these caviar houses for a tasting and to learn more.

CAVIAR de NEUVIC has an épicerie and restaurant in Bordeaux which can offer everything from a tasting of their caviar products (complete with local sparkling crément) or a full sit-down meal showcasing their sturgeon and caviar / book a table online / 14 Passage Sarget, 33000 Bordeaux / +33 (0)5 57 59 54 86 /

Sturia Cavair at the Hotel Intercontinental in Bordeaux, France


Take a tour with us to learn more about these migratory species, how local aquiculture is working to replenish the wild population, and how to taste this delicate product.


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