Wine Bars with Food in Bordeaux

There are so many wonderful wine bars in Bordeaux, but so many only offer charcuterie and cheese. Wine, in particular red wine, has been accompanied by cheese for ages. Tanins, like those in coffee and chocolate also, are softened by dairy. So it makes sense its a classic pairing. And who doesn't love some porc noir de Biggore with a nice glass of Chateau Ferriere (one of my favorite combinations at the wonderful bio wine bar Complain Terra). What if you want more? It's equally fun to try wines with different styles of food and in France, that's what wine is about - complimenting or enjoying with a dish! Here are some of my favourites in Bordeaux, which is your favourite?

Biodynamic Winemaking as a Second Career

Helen Kelly with her husband Nick, are the winemakers and owners at Chateau de Claribes in Gensac, Gironde. Originally from Oxfordshire, East of London, Helen and Nick were working in IT and decided to make a major life change. Like so many who move to France, the choice was for a better quality of life. More balance. While both travelled often for work and leisure, most importantly holidaying in a vineyard in the Entre-Deux-Mers, the final decision to permanently move seemed clear.

Bordeaux Restaurants Open in August

Visiting Bordeaux in the summer is great with the stunning 18th century city, local sandy beaches and vineyards to visit! A lot of Bordeaux goes on holiday in August as well, so here are a list of some of the restaurants open that I'd recommend. I'll update as the restaurants respond so keep checking in. Most have online reservations through their website. Enjoy your summer trip and meals in Bordeaux!

Bazas with Children

This village in South-East Gironde is a great place to come with your family! Are you wondering what to do in Bazas with your children? The arcaded centre of town is easy to walk around and has plenty of natural space surrounding the exterior wall for small children to run around. There is a nice playground, new skate park, public swimming pool all and family friendly tours with Aquitaine Travel Guide, of course!

Why Gironde Reminds me of the Carolinas

No, vineyards do not stretch as far as the eye can see in North Carolina, but there are a lot of similarities between these two places I've lived that made Gironde feel like home immediately. Colonial History between Bordeaux and the South Bordeaux in essence is a colonial city. So much of its Roman and... Continue Reading →

Baltoro Ice Cream in Bazas with Savory Pairing

s looking for new options in the shop, Baltoro is now offering something really unique which you have to try…charcuterie and cheese with an ice cream pairing. Having moved to Bazas from Barcelona which has a very adventurous culinary scene, I’m loving this idea! On a hot summer day, it’s a perfect. Its also really refreshing to have something other than wine with charcuterie and cheese!

Southport and Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Located at the end of the river into the Atlantic Ocean, one hour from Wilmington, you find this charming old port town. Once only known for the fishing boats arriving, it's fast becoming a retiree dream land with marinas and beautiful developments popping up everywhere. I wish you could see the Southport we knew from decades ago, but I think you'll still find that vibe in the old town and along the waterfront.

Sarlat la Caneda in Perigord Travel Guide

Autumn is my favorite time to go...when the oak leaves are changing color and the air is cool and crisp. This part of South-West France has some of the most impressive seasonal landscapes. Sarlat-la-Caneda, a stunning medieval village in the Périgord Noir of Dordogne is a great place to stop if you're visiting the area.... Continue Reading →

Les Landes – A Visit to the Wild Side of France

LandesMimizanBiscarrosseSabresSanguinetLabastide-d'ArmagnacEugénie-les-BainsPerquieHossegor Surf Club How to Get There : This is a vast expanse of land, so a car is recommended. There is an airport in Dax, or you could drive down from Bordeaux. The main train stations would be Dax and Mont-de-Marsan.  History : One of the least visited areas of the Aquitaine region might... Continue Reading →

Pays Basque from Biarritz to Bayonne

One of the best surprises when visiting San Sebastian years ago, was that this incredible, vibrant and culinarily inspiring culture didn't stop at the French border. The Basque (or Iparralde in Basque) goes well into France, touching the lower half of Les Landes in Nouvelle Aquitaine. The Basque language, Euskera, like the people, one of... Continue Reading →

Charter Yachting in the Cote d’Azur, France

One of the woman I worked with, back when I was a chef and she was first mate, Suzanne McGhee, is now an incredibly knowledgeable yacht broker. Having succeeded in the industry as a captain, no small feat in such a high pressure industry, she is now helping clients find their dream holiday yacht. Due to her first hand experience in the industry, she knows what is required onboard, the best places to cruise to, and many other inside tips which other yachting agents could miss. Below, Suzanne shares some more insight, enjoy!

Chateau Bonalgue Pomerol Vineyard

It is run as a biodynamic vineyard and your tour with guide Eveli Rodriguez will highlight some of the more important and interesting parts of biodynamic wine making. This might have been my favourite part because it opened conversation to other unique methods of farming, like the use of music to promote growth and protect from mildew. Eveli adores questions so come prepared!

Restaurant Aga in Cadillac

You would be remiss to not book a table at Aga if you are anywhere near Cadillac in SE Gironde. This is a small, chef-owned restaurant located near the historic Clock Tower (Vernihaut), close to the covered market. Their plates are based on seasonal and regional ingredients, so if you are a locavore you will be very happy!

Bordeaux Wine Bars

With so many wine bars in Bordeaux to choose from, how do you pick one? First question is why are you going? Is it for casual food and wine apero time? Or, are you wanting to learn more about the classic wines from Bordeaux? Are you interested in the natural wines from the area? Here is a short guide to a handful of the wine bars in Bordeaux.

When Kids Get Sick in France

If you have children, it's the biggest fear that your children will get sick or injured on vacation. Especially in a foreign country. France has wonderful healthcare, so that is a great relief. However, the system works differently from the USA. While I hope you don't need them, here are some tips and advice for when you're traveling with children and need to see a doctor or go to the hospital.

Thermal Baths and Spas near Bordeaux, France

Thermal spas are a great way to spend a day. As a mom, they're a wonderful, rejuvenating experience alone. They're also really fun with kids! There are so many different styles and price points, how do you know which one to choose? The Landes region, South of Bordeaux, has multiple historical thermal spa towns.

Marche des Capucins and Bordeaux Markets

Named after the religious order that used to inhabit that area, the now famed covered market 'Marche des Capucins' is a sensory theme park. The noises, the smells, the stands of beautiful fruits and vegetables...maybe a local chef sighting as well?! It is best Wednesday-Sunday and often has seasonal finds that you cannot buy in other locations outside of the city, like wild garlic or cepes. When it first started in the 18th century, it was for the sale of cattle but over the next two centuries it morphed into what we see today. The covered roof was added in 1878 and still covers the 80 plus merchants inside.

A Day in Saint Michel Bordeaux

One of my favorite things to do is simply walk aimlessly in cities. Saint Michel, which is the neighborhood around the Marche des Capucins in Bordeaux, is one of those lesser seen areas full of life! You'll find tajines, Halal butchers, Greek restaurants, upscale wine bars, historic churches, and picturesque facades. A unique multifaceted charm not yet uniformed by tourism.

Bordeaux Restaurants Christmas 2022

Visiting Bordeaux during the Christmas holidays is charming, with the lights and decorations on the streets and the annual Christmas market. However, many Bordelaise go on holiday as which restaurants are open between Christmas and New Years in Bordeaux? Check out our blog post with restaurants open and links to their websites or booking links.

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