Baltoro Ice Cream in Bazas with Savory Pairing

s looking for new options in the shop, Baltoro is now offering something really unique which you have to try…charcuterie and cheese with an ice cream pairing. Having moved to Bazas from Barcelona which has a very adventurous culinary scene, I’m loving this idea! On a hot summer day, it’s a perfect. Its also really refreshing to have something other than wine with charcuterie and cheese!

Chandeleur and Crepes

The tasty aspect of this holiday, Chandeleur here in France, is the great amount of crêpes made, in each household, following a different recipe. My father in law is self-appointed crepe-master. He prepares, like every year, the batter 24 hours in advance, mixing fresh eggs, flour, butter, a pinch of salt and a mix of rum and pastis. There is no sugar in our mix, as the sweet will be added after being cooked.

Chefs – Elodie Pichard of CRU in Bordeaux

A native of Langon, in Gironde, Chef Elodie Pichard gives her paternal grandmother the credit for inspiring her to cook. She would spend time in the actual kitchen of her grandmothers, using real tools and real pots and pans to make real meals rather than spending time with a play kitchen like many other small children.Elodie completed her professional training at ICFA Bordeaux LAC, then interned with chef Pierrick Celibert of C’Yusha in Bordeaux, whom she considers her mentor.

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