Food Tours in Bordeaux

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Aquitaine Travel Guide will offer you one of the best food and wine tours of your life in beautiful, historic Bordeaux!

So much of Bordeaux’s story can be told through its food, the origin of the products, and regional ingredients. The sugar and vanilla to create canelé or thousands of years of foie gras history. Learn what was coming through this major port for the last two thousand years. Discover what has been fished for centuries from the river Garonne which passes through the Port de la Lune? For the majority of human history, the overseas expeditions have been searches for foods. Pepper, vanilla, and, of course, wine are just a few goods which would have funneled through Bordeaux. We will go down the rabbit hole together and explore the recipes that define the region.


Female Winemakers in Saint Emilion

The number of women in winemaking in Bordeaux has grown exponentially in the last 30 years. There is still room to grow in this historically predominantly male industry. Here are some women in Saint Emilion winemaking to watch, from owners to oenologists.

Wine Bars with Food in Bordeaux

There are so many wonderful wine bars in Bordeaux, but so many only offer charcuterie and cheese. Wine, in particular red wine, has been accompanied by cheese for ages. Tanins, like those in coffee and chocolate also, are softened by dairy. So it makes sense its a classic pairing. And who doesn’t love some porc…

Biodynamic Winemaking as a Second Career

Helen Kelly with her husband Nick, are the winemakers and owners at Chateau de Claribes in Gensac, Gironde. Originally from Oxfordshire, East of London, Helen and Nick were working in IT and decided to make a major life change. Like so many who move to France, the choice was for a better quality of life.…

Anne JORDAN of Aquitaine Travel Guide has over a decade of experience in culinary tourism.

I grew up with a father who was a chef and we used to visit the commercial food markets in Washington, DC together. My dream was to work with him in his restaurant ‘Jordan’s’ when I was older. After teaching at the Culinary Institute of America, he became the head of the culinary program in Wilkes Community College in North Carolina. I was able to help lead his tours and share Paris, Barcelona…and finally Bordeaux with culinary students! Sharing French cuisine on food tours has eventually been a wonderful career for me. You can read more about me

Food Tours in Bordeaux

Our gourmet walking food tours are in the city of Bordeaux and in the French countryside. We offer caviar and oyster tours in Arcachon, farm tours in Gironde, chocolate in Bayonne and more! Do you have a special interest? Let us know and we can create a custom tour!

We cater to individuals as well as families, from couples to school groups. There is a tour for anyone. Review our standard food tour offers and let us know how we can personalize it to your tastes. When booked with enough perp time, we can create tours for vegans, gluten intolerances and children. Group tours are only offered in high season, please check our Facebook for any current group tour offers.

We have a tour for any taste and budget, so if our standard tours don’t work for you, contact us

Ferrandi-Paris Graduate

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Bordeaux, France

Wine and dine in the petit Paris!

San Sebastian, Spain

Basque do the best seafood!

Bazas, France

Local cattle and traditional festivals abound!

A food tour with Aquitaine Travel Guide will take you to the small producers, to learn the history of a product from the origins of its ingredients. I’ll introduce you to the individuals who make the best local cuisine. I don’t only love food, but grew up in food, as my father is a chef and culinary instructor. I have professional culinary training, have worked in fine dining, and practice slow food by consuming food locally and seasonally. Nothing makes me happier than sharing the beautiful epicurean history in Bordeaux with you!

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