Wine Bars with Food in Bordeaux

There are so many wonderful wine bars in Bordeaux, but so many only offer charcuterie and cheese. Wine, in particular red wine, has been accompanied by cheese for ages. Tanins, like those in coffee and chocolate also, are softened by dairy. So it makes sense its a classic pairing. And who doesn’t love some porc noir de Biggore with a nice glass of Chateau Ferriere (one of my favorite combinations at the wonderful bio wine bar Complain Terra).

What if you want more? It’s equally fun to try wines with different styles of food and in France, that’s what wine is about – complimenting or enjoying with a dish! Here are some of my favourites in Bordeaux, which is your favourite?

Bordeaux Wine Bars with Great Food

Papouch in the Chartons has only just opened and the young Parisians have created a beautiful space named after the owners grandfather. His bicycle hangs in the main dining room. Bringing a fusion-style cuisine with many Asian flavours to be paired with their natural wines is a fun change! The fish and rice balls with wasabi was probably the first time I’ve tasted spice locally in ages, so very welcome. The Lebanese bread with yogurt sauce was a very familiar dish, I wish I had folded it to eat like a sandwich instead of cutting with a knife…but when in Rome! My friend Julie (follow on Instagram @comestibles_and_libations) also really loved this space. Their concept is to get a lot of plates to share, so bring your friends. Open lunch and dinner, Tuesday-Saturday. Can book online / 138 rue Notre Dame, 33300 Bordeaux / 05 56 58 65 42 / Papouch | Restaurant Chartrons | 138 Rue Notre Dame, Bordeaux, France

Echos is in a lovely location, looking out onto the medieval church Saint Pierre, with indoor and outdoor dining. I was really impressed with the options and unique pairings, the salicorne and mushrooms was great. I think I miss the whole ‘mar i muntanya’ (sea and mountains) style of cooking you find in many Catalan restaurants. This location was created by local Bruno Grannet and offers an open kitchen, with it’s counter often decorated with the microgreens for the plates that day. I’m already looking forward to an excuse to go back. Be sure to book in advance. Open daily for dinner, weekends for lunch also / 18 rue de la Cour des Aides, 33000 Bordeaux / 05 56 81 69 95 / Facebook

SOiF natural wine bar and restaurant owned by Nicolas Lefevre et Cécile Lambré which has been opened for six years and in Saint Pierre. SOiF has a pretty dining room and really nice wine menu by the bottle, with plenty by the glass as well. It was a hot day when I went and this delicately sparkling, fresh Semillon pet nat was perfect! There were vegan options on the menu, as well as mains but I chose to go with two entrée (starters). The yellow pollack with hazelnuts was nice and light and the subsequent fried pigs foot with oysters and pourpier was that surf and turf that I love! Well executed dishes and friendly staff. Thank you for the tip @patou_m_bdx! Open lunch and dinner on the weekends, dinner Wednesday-Sunday. Can book online / 35 rue du Cancera, 33000 Bordeaux / 09 86 10 42 40 / SOIF – Bistrot et Vins Naturels (

Avant Comptoir de Palais – if you loved Avant Comptoir in Paris, you’ll love the sister location here in Place de Palais in Bordeaux. By far my favorite item is the macaron with blood sausage, but the tuna and raspberry tartare is equally incredible. Bordeaux wines do tend to run on the young side, but there are more to choose from and they generally have a nice option from the SW. Blogger @LostinBordeaux was so excited when this opened a couple years ago and said I had to go! Does not take reservations except for large groups. Outdoor and indoor seating, views outside of the charming 15th century Port Cailou / Open daily for lunch and dinner / 2 Place du Palais, 33000 Bordeaux / 05 57 14 94 85 / Yves Camdeborde – Avant comptoir du Palais à Bordeaux

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