Wine Bars with Food in Bordeaux

There are so many wonderful wine bars in Bordeaux, but so many only offer charcuterie and cheese. Wine, in particular red wine, has been accompanied by cheese for ages. Tanins, like those in coffee and chocolate also, are softened by dairy. So it makes sense its a classic pairing. And who doesn't love some porc noir de Biggore with a nice glass of Chateau Ferriere (one of my favorite combinations at the wonderful bio wine bar Complain Terra). What if you want more? It's equally fun to try wines with different styles of food and in France, that's what wine is about - complimenting or enjoying with a dish! Here are some of my favourites in Bordeaux, which is your favourite?

Bordeaux Wine Bars

With so many wine bars in Bordeaux to choose from, how do you pick one? First question is why are you going? Is it for casual food and wine apero time? Or, are you wanting to learn more about the classic wines from Bordeaux? Are you interested in the natural wines from the area? Here is a short guide to a handful of the wine bars in Bordeaux.

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