Baltoro Ice Cream in Bazas with Savory Pairing

Bazas is very lucky to have such a wonderful bunch of restaurants, butchers, green grocers and wine shops to choose from! We also have one of the best ice cream producers in the area, Baltoro Glace (ice cream) on the Cathedrale square.

Olivier Baltoro works with a local bio milk producer and tries to work with as many local fruit producers as possible to create his unique flavours. His ice creams come in nearly 40 different aromas, sold individually in small pots, or around three soft serve options a day that you can get in a cone or pot. One of my recent favourites was a fleur de lait menthe. This doesn’t mean that Olivier shies from trying new exotic fruits or flavours.

Always looking for new options in the shop, Baltoro is now offering something really unique which you have to try…charcuterie and cheese with an ice cream pairing. Having moved to Bazas from Barcelona which has a very adventurous culinary scene, I’m loving this idea! On a hot summer day, it’s a perfect. Its also really refreshing to have something other than wine with charcuterie and cheese!

Last night I tried some melon with mint and Sichuan pepper glace, which on its own it’s delicious. What was really interesting was how the flavours were amplified after eating some charcuterie. Especially the pepper in the ice cream. Melon and cured ham like jambon de Bayonne is a classic SW France combination, so it’s easy to see why the pairing works. Another we tried was a pear with Timut pepper gelato, again amplified by the addition of the cured meats, in particular I found the herbed ham to be enjoyable with this one. Very fun and can easily be a great culinary adventure with children too!

Look at the options with the cheese as well, I’m hoping to try these next!

Denis Morlans of Sendets is responsible for provisioning the bread – a ciabatta and a rustic levain / Les Confitures Denis Morlans et Les Tourtes de Denis – Livraison de produits locaux de Nouvelle-Aquitaine (

The wines run between 3.50 EURO – 5.50 EURO a glass, one in particular is Chateau Le Pis, a local red farmhouse wine from the same producer of their bio milk used to make the ice cream / Château Le Pis | Taillecavat, France (

The apero & glace option is available from 630pm-10pm in Bazas, there are about five tables available so come with some friends! Baltoro / 7 Place de la Cathedrale, 33430 Bazas / +33 (0)6 58 17 61 67 / Accueil – Baltoro

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