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A culinary tour is one of the best ways to see a new place, learn a bit of history and understand more of the culture. It’s a multisensory journey and, if you’re willing to leave the cities, can be a great way to experience more authentic versions of the country you are visiting. There is nothing like the thrill of Paris the first time you visit France, but what if you are looking for something a bit different, off the beaten path?

Food tours in Bordeaux are great, the hustle, the covered markets and gourmet food stores (epiceries), the fact that everything is so condensed makes it easy to experience multiple foods in a short time. Bordeaux has some really stunning markets like the Marche des Capucins where you can taste local Arcachonnaise oysters or Basque pintxos. The Sunday morning market along the river dock (quais) is a great way to start the day and pick up products for a picnic. The city also has beautiful cheese shops (fromageries), ancient bakeries (boulangeries) and exciting new pastry shops (patisseries) to try! You could spend all day eating your way through the city while learning about the relationship between the wine industry and local foods (well, multiple days in fact)!

Getting visitors into the countryside is one of our passions, introducing the farmers growing some of the most flavorful fruits you’ll ever taste and raising the ducks that make delectable foie gras. It’s a great way to not only taste these items at their best, but to know from start to finish how these products are made and end up on your plate. Our tours can be customized based on your preferences, for vegetarians (for example). Maybe we will have lunch with a local farmer, or learn how to make once of the local chefs signature dishes. Visiting farms at the right time of year are also essential, like in the fall for saffron farms or spring to early fall for goat cheese.

Slow Food is something very close to my heart. The movement started in Italy in the late 1980’s and has gone all over the world. The concept is to promote local traditions, flavors and preserve authenticity. All this while respecting the environment, and encouraging small farms and producers to continue their invaluable contributions to society. At Aquitaine Travel Guide, we work with these small farmers and local restaurants working with seasonally appropriate produce and locally sourced products. Many of the farms we visit are working with have a few dozen head of cattle or goats. Winemakers are interested in producing organic and biodynamic wines. It’s about supporting the people who keep these unique areas and history alive for the future generations.

Slow Tourism is contrary to traditional tourism, the classic tours that keep you moving from morning until night and you arrive home with plenty of knowledge but are exhausted. If taking more time to take in an area and becoming a part of the scenery yourself sounds more your style, let us help you! We can find that countryside cottage or villa in the vines to cook your locally sourced products and enjoy that farm-to-table lifestyle. Towns like Bazas are located on a voie verte, which is only for pedestrians or cyclists and they can take you through the countryside to different towns…or all the way to the coast! We are looking forward to sharing this part of the world with you on your next visit, let us know how we can help!

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