Modjo – Molecular Tendencies in Bordeaux

Having tried to get here twice before, I was very pleased to finally make it and to be able to share the meal with my friend, Ira of Lost in Bordeaux. Modjo is location on Rue des Herbes, a street we pass and discuss often on our culinary tours but have never taken the time to walk down. The façade is rather austere, the interior modern, simple and clean. The menu price of 21 EUROs for the three course lunch was another wonderful surprise and even more hard to believe once you have finished your meal. How does France do it? This would be easily a 50 USD lunch in the USA. You get three courses, but also amuse bouche (small palate ‘teasers’) and it ends with mignardises (the final small, bite-sized sweet after dessert). For 21 EURO. Vive la France.

The flavors are still classical combinations, so nothing I tried was over the top or too much for less adventurous diners. At least for the menu I had. If you’re not a fan of molecular food, foams, gels and unique textures…you’re still going to like this place. The amuse bouche was a trio, the first a cured salmon with herbs, then cheese with a crusty exterior (almost nutty flavor) and finally an herb ice cream with more gelatinous interior, which was so nice and refreshing. Fun items I have not had often in the Bordeaux restaurant scene often. The light foam here worked perfectly with the shrimp ceviche starter.

The beef with jus and fried potato was cooked just like I requested and overall was a nice dish. While I’m never surprised in France to have heavy protein and starch as a main. Again, for 21 EURO, there were no faults in this meal.

Strawberries in France are not to be missed in season, so I’ll take them any time they are listed in a dessert. The textures were clean, a mix of candied nuts and grains with the a light ice cream. Then the final mignardise, which included another one of the ice cream/gelatin mouthfuls which I really enjoyed.

Service was very efficient and friendly. Kitchen was spotless which is easy to view downstairs. Great for a date or business lunch and I’d image very romantic in the evening.

Modjo / Open daily, book in advance / +33 (0)5 56 30 92 91 / 5 Rue des Herbes, 33000 Bordeaux /

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