Food and Wine Tours with Kids in and around Bordeaux

The hardest part about travel for many of us is finding a tour that will entertain the adults, along with our children! Many of the Bordeaux tours at Aquitaine Travel Guide were originally created for culinary professionals and local cuisine enthusiasts. However, we understand the importance of finding ways to include our smaller travellers. Aquitaine Travel Guide is happy to help you plan a trip with your children with a family friendly food tour! Tours can include plenty of exploratory food tastings or excursions into the countryside to farms to meet animals! If your interest is wine, we can plan plenty of time to run around in the fresh air at a local vineyard! Or include a juice tasting with your wine tasting!

What Kind of Tours are Best for Kids?

Our Bordeaux History and Food is a shorter tour, at two hours, which is perfect for kids. It includes stories about princesses and kings, treasure hunts through the city and tastings of many local foods! Locally made ice creams in the summer that make everyone happy!

A tour in Bazas will include farm visits where children can meet animals and come in contact with them, from donkeys to goats and horses. If you want to do a pony ride, we can also arrange that! We pick up from Langon train station, so a car isn’t needed if you are visiting in Bordeaux.

We have tours in the Bassin d’Arcachon which include oyster and sea snail tastings that kids often love! We also add in local pastry Carousel rides and a hike up the biggest sand dune in Europe! Contact us to help plan your trip

We are also all parents, so we have done many things not listed and can help you plan based on local events, like medieval festivals or even kid friendly wine tours! Check out our post on farm visits and activities for kids

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