Bordeaux Food and Wine Tour

When you take a walking food and wine tour with Anne Jordan in Bordeaux, you will be sure we are going to introduce you to high quality food and local products. While passing famous locations like the Grand Theatre or Place de la Bourse, maybe we will taste caviar, oysters, Landais duck and Basque goat cheese. Our chef lead Bordeaux food tours include local wine, where you’ll discover Bordeaux is not only bold reds wines!

A standard Bordeaux Food Tour with us would take you through the most historic areas of Bordeaux from Saint Pierre to Chartrons. We discuss historic foods from medieval times until modern day. Take each product and break it down for you, where it is made, how it is made, and what changes it has seen over the centuries. We like to change it up a bit each time based on clients demands, so feel free to email us what interests you the most…local pastry? Cheese? Cured meats? Wine? Do you prefer markets or private chefs tasting menus?

You’ll learn how the recipe for the famous Bordeaux canelé has changed over the centuries. Taste wine from sweet whites to dry reds, all from Bordeaux. Discover vegan wine. Would you like to try duck ham, or truffled Basque cheese? How a young enslaved boy from Reunion Island (France) revolutionized the vanilla trade? The different styles of cuisine in Aquitaine?


We have a vegan tour also possible! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @aquitainetravelguide for updates and ideas!

BORDEAUX HISTORY and FOOD 2hr tour of the town which includes many the main historic buildings and interesting anecdotes on over 2,000 years of history. We try local food and drink along the way, but this is more of a tour for those who want more history.

BORDEAUX GOURMET FOOD late morning or afternoon options available, 2 1/2hr walking tour of the city from unique plates of local products to local cheese shops, meet local chefs (when available) and try unique products from the whole of the SW of France. Morning tour can certainly be counted as lunch and afternoon for a filling apero!

BORDEAUX MARKET 10am-1230am 5might start earlier on certain days) / 2 1/2hr tour of the market. Tastings of local products like oysters and cheeses, stop by pastry and spice shops to taste our way through the SW of France. We finish with a history filled walk and restaurant! We have three seated stops and you’ll eat enough to call it lunch. More on markets here Marche des Capucins and Bordeaux Markets – Aquitaine Travel Guide

As most of our clients stay in the center of town, we are able to either meet you at your hotel/stay or give you a convenient meeting point.

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