Americans Travel Back to France!

Finally, the day has come (June 9), when Americans are allowed back into France with proof of vaccination and a negative PCR covid test. Here are some things to know before you book your flight :

  1. **As of June 18 the PCR / covid test is not required for vaccinated Americans coming to France, however some airlines are still asking for them** if you are not vaccinated – make sure your PCR test will be available before you take off, it has to also still be valid when you land. If your test is not available before take off, you will be required to take another test at the airport before take off, which runs anywhere from 125 USD-250 USD per test. Different airports have different services, check online. Here is a link to IAD-Dulles in Washington, DC Health & Safety as We Take Flight | Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (
  2. Also if you are coming into France from some of these European countries as of July 18, your covid test must be less than 24 hours old
  3. Bring printed copies of every paper you can imagine. Do not forget the French paperwork filled out and signed by you to confirm you have shown no covid symptoms found here Certificate of international travel / L’actu du Ministère / Actualités – Ministère de l’Intérieur (
  4. Give yourself lots of extra time, this is all new to the security and airlines are the ones preforming the screening. The four hours at Dulles airport last week were all used between the added screening and last minute covid test.
  5. Pack plenty of medical grade facemasks, hand gel, and patience 🙂
  6. You will have to pay for a covid test if you are a tourist as of July 7 (ranging from 30-50€). More information on that can be found here. *Covid tests are free to tourists in France until July 7, but you might need to make an appointment. Check online with resources like Où faire le test Coronavirus COVID-19 ?
  7. If you plan to travel between countries, please note some countries still require covid tests to enter and France will then require one to return. Spain has now stopped requiring vaccinated individuals to take covid tests (including Americans flying from USA). Give yourself time, and money as these countries do not offer free tests to tourists. Italy will require a covid test 48 hours before.
  8. Patience for everything will be needed. Masks are still required in France, indoors and outdoors in some areas. Keep that in mind and always travel with a mask.
  9. Book as much as possible in advance, spaces for museums, restaurants and events are limited. More tips can be found here COVID travel packing: Mask, hand sanitizer, insurance vaccine passport (

Please feel free to write us with any questions or comments and have a great, safe trip!


Reopening of French borders: June 9, 2021 – France in the United States / Embassy of France in Washington, D.C. (

dossier_de_presse_-_reouverture_des_frontieres_a_partir_du_9_juin.pdf (

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