Italy, Spain and USA

Italy –

NAPLES AND AMALFI – I find the best way to get comfortable in a city is to meet with a local first thing. So, if you know someone there as them to show you around quickly if they have time. If not, find a tour. Mine, naturally, was food focused, light hearted and really fun. It was around three hours long and took you into the belly of Naples. I used ‘Get Your Guide‘ and found someone for 35 EURO (included all tastings) and it was called ‘Naples Street Food and Sightseeing Tour’. The guide, Sara of Raphael Tours, was really nice and personable. We were a small group of around six, and we tried many things, but by far, my favorite was the fried pizza (which was more like a fried calzone to me). I still think about it…READ MORE Naples and Amalfi Coast, Italy – Aquitaine Travel Guide


LANZAROTE – What is great about Lanzarote, most everything you’ll want to see is outside and the wind blows year round so it’s fresh air all the time. It is a rough, moon-like landscape due to a large volcanic eruption almost three-hundred years ago (smaller one since). It’s not a tropical island, but it has its own wild beauty. The culture is a mix of Spanish, but also African, as it is off the coast of Morocco. In fact, the first inhabitants were thought to be Berber in origin…READ MORE Lanzarote and the Canary Islands Spain – Aquitaine Travel Guide

BARCELONA – The Boqueria, on the Ramblas, is probably the most well known and visited market. There has been a market on these premises since the 1217, when the local farmers would pull up with their produce to sell. The current structure is from the mid 1800’s and is beautiful. I’m sad to say, however, that over the past decade the number of authentic stands (not dedicated to tourism) have waned dramatically. If you want to get a sense of what the market used to feel like, go early in the morning (aim for 8am) and after walking around, stop at one of the counters, order una cana (beer) and a plate bunyols (fried cod fritters). The fish section of the Boqueria is incredible, but due to high numbers of tourists the fish mongers will prefer if you refrain from taking photos…READ MORE Visiting Barcelona – Aquitaine Travel Guide and Barcelona, Where the Food Tours Started – Aquitaine Travel Guide


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