Dos and Don’ts When Traveling

Don’t carry your passport with you, take a photocopy and leave the original in your hotel safe or somewhere secure where you are staying.

Do bring your drivers licence everywhere or another form of national identification.

Don’t wear heels or slippery sandals. The streets in this area are often cobblestone. You’ll break your shoe, or your ankle.

Do bring an umbrella or light rain coat, even in the summer months.

Don’t drink and drive. The limit is even lower than in the USA.

Do tip your server. When you get good service, it’s nice and appreciated!

Don’t get lost. I.E. know the address of where you are going and have it written down. Maybe look on a map in advance.

Do say ‘bonjour’, ‘merci’ and ‘bonne journee’ when you go into businesses. It is the polite, local thing to do and will get you far.

Don’t expect people to speak English, use this time as a good excuse to practice French.

Do try the local dishes. The French are known for their cuisine, well, because it’s pretty good!

Don’t leave expensive personal items in your car. Same goes for leaving your phone on a table top in a cafe, carrying a purse without a zippered top or putting your wallet in your back pocket. Just don’t.

Do feel free to email me with questions about how to make your trip run as smoothly as possible!