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Our BORDELAISE Group Tours

We offer tours and services in English, French and Italian. All of our farmers are paid for their time and for their products prior to the tour. Please know that tours need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance*

BAZADAIS 6hr tour of beautiful French countryside village, UNESCO cathedral, local products like Bazadais cattle, fois gras and Graves wines. Meet the farmers and their animals. 100 EURO pp includes all tastings and fees (lunch not included). We suggest restaurant options and dishes and make the reservation for you. Two people minimum.

BAZAS 2hr tour of the charming village of Bazas, once considered the last bit of civilization before entering the Landes region. Includes tastings in local shops of regional products from pate and canele to wine. 40 EURO pp includes all tastings and fees.

HUITRE 7hr tour of the historic beach town, covered market, with group visit to an oyster or caviar farm and oyster museum. 195 EURO pp includes all visiting fees, tastings and lunch. Two people minimum.

VINES 7hr tour of the beautiful Sauternes or Saint Emilion vineyards with group tastings (private tastings incur a fee). Visit a local caviste (wine shop) to taste more wine styles with options to ship wine back to you home. Restaurant options for lunch are offered and booked. Learn some history while enjoying local wines! 155 EURO pp includes all visits and tastings (lunch not included). No minimum.

BORDEAUX 2hr tour of the town which includes all the main historic buildings and interesting anecdotes on over 2,000 years of history. Of course, we taste local foods and drinks along the way. 80 EURO pp includes all tastings and fees. Two people minimum.

* 50 EURO will be added to all tours with only one participant that requires two to run. This list is not exclusive and many tours can be personalized. Due to the nature of farming, some farms are unavailable depending on the time of year or day of the week. Please let us know about any allergies in advance.